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Heatou:Revolutionizing Heated Vest with Graphene Technology(Pre-sale, will be shipped simultaneously with kickstarter)

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Winter's chill can be maddening, but Heatou's graphene heated vest keeps me carefree.

Heatou is a groundbreaking graphene heated vest designed to redefine the future of heated clothing. It features a professional-grade graphene shell that offers outstanding waterproof, windproof, and abrasion-resistant properties, ensuring high-performance during winter outdoor activities. Additionally, Heatou is equipped with advanced carbon nanotube heating elements and filled with 3M™ Featherless Thinsulate™ Insulation on the inside. This design results in a vest that is lightweight, breathable, and capable of delivering consistent and even warmth, even in extremely cold conditions. While we prioritize exceptional heating capabilities, we also maintain a stylish and comfortable design.

Dislike the winter chill? Always grappling with bulky, unwieldy clothing that fails to keep you warm. It's a constant source of frustration during outdoor activities.

The often resulting outcome is getting sick with a cold, which can be quite distressing.

Certainly, there are some basic heated clothing solutions available in the market, but the wearing experience has often been subpar. The garments are bulky, slow to heat up, provide uneven heating, lack breathability, and can be both stuffy and damp. What's more, in some cases, they stop working after just one wash.

We've got the solution to this winter woe – our Heatou graphene heated vest! Say goodbye to the discomfort of bulky winter wear and hello to cozy warmth. Embrace winter like never before.

Just press the button, and within three seconds, you can quickly warm your entire body.

Heatou, a fusion of cutting-edge graphene and carbon nanotube technology, 3M™ Thinsulate™ Featherless insulation, individualized temperature control, and superior craftsmanship, is your all-encompassing solution. It's your daily vest, your travel companion, your athletic partner, and your outdoor essential.

Back us today and discover why Heatou is the only layer you'll ever need whether you're hiking in the mountains, skiing on snowy slopes, going on outdoor adventures, commuting on your bike, or engaging in outdoor sports.

By infusing graphene layers into Heatou vests, we've pioneered a novel outerwear. Heatou serves as a winter vest, a lightweight vest for cool weather, a windbreaker, raincoat, and sportswear – all in one!

Graphene Heating Technology

Well, down jackets and synthetic vests are the norm. While they can generate heat and provide some degree of insulation, they don't come close to graphene's capabilities. Heatou generates more heat than any standard down or synthetic vest and heats up nearly twice as fast as heated vests using other materials.

Carbon Nanotube Technology

When graphene heating and carbon nanotube technology come together, it's a spark of love! Press the switch and it only takes three seconds to warm the whole body.

Built upon a foundation of graphene material, Heatou incorporates composite carbon nanotube technology to link its 8 heating panels. Unlike conventional heating wires, these carbon nanotube heating elements boast higher thermal conductivity and speed, achieving a conversion efficiency of over 95%, significantly surpassing the modest 60% efficiency of typical heating wires.

3M™️ Thinsulate™️ Featherless Insulation

Heatou takes graphene-enhanced clothing to a whole new level of modern sustainability and style, surpassing the warmth of traditional synthetic insulation. Our vests are lightweight, versatile, durable, and breathable, ensuring comfort all year round. 

Zone-Independent Temperature Control 

Setting us apart from ordinary heated vests, we've gone the extra mile. Beyond incorporating graphene and 3M™️ Thinsulate™️ Featherless Insulation in the materials, we've prioritized a meticulous heating experience. Recognizing that temperature sensitivity differs across various body regions, we've thoughtfully crafted a precise zone-based temperature control system.

Heatou incorporates advanced zone-based precision temperature control, featuring:

  1. Two heating panels on the abdomen
  2. Three heating panels on the back
  3. Two heating panels on the shoulders along with one on the collar. 

Each of these three zones can be accurately controlled separately.

Why this design? Because we recognize that each part of the body has unique temperature preferences. Our three-zone precision control ensures exceptional comfort during heating.

We offer three settings: the first level at 45℃ (GREEN), the second at 55℃ (BLUE), and the third at 65℃ (RED).Based on our laboratory data, we have customized a 10000mAh power bank for Heatou, which you can add when purchasing the product.

With Heatou, there's no need for bulky layers anymore. Its graphene layer and precise three-zone temperature control adjust to your sensations, whether you're running, hiking through the woods, or enjoying chilly outdoor activities like biking or skiing. Heatou ensures an elegant experience in cold temperatures. 

Lightweight, Breathable, Windproof, Waterproof, and Anti-Odor

Unlike others, graphene naturally regulates temperature. Even in hot weather, it offers a cool sensation.Graphene is able to expel heat without letting cold air inside the vest, so you’ll never feel that sticky, sweaty feeling you get from most shells, rain jackets, and winter coats.

When you're looking to travel during the chilly seasons, your main concern is often cramming your suitcase with bulky clothes. But with the Heatou heated vest, you can leave those heavy layers behind. Just grab your backpack and set off on a lightweight adventure with your family, friends, and beloved pets.

While Heatou is incredibly thin and lightweight, its graphene fabric technology still performs effectively even in wind speeds of up to 50 miles/80 kilometers per hour. So, when you're out there engaging in high-speed outdoor activities, Heatou is an absolute must-have.

For the first time, our team has successfully merged graphene material with matte polyester fiber fabric, a feat that took us a whole year to accomplish. We've implemented this technology into Heatou's fabric, yielding significant improvements in wind resistance ,water repellency, and breathability.And all while maintaining a soft touch.

Don’t worry about getting sweaty and smelly when you and your beloved pet indulge in wild frolics in the snowy terrain.Graphene is 100% anti-odor, meaning no odor-causing contaminants can grow on the vest.

In fact,graphene interacts with sweat odors and neutralizes the smell through ionic conduction, efficiently removing bad smells and neutralizing any harmful substances on its surface.Just relish in the joyous moments, and let Heatou take care of the rest.

Whether you're at work, skiing, snowball fighting, cycling, hiking, walking your pet, or traveling, in winter, spring, or fall, you need a Heatou vest that caters to all your scenarios. Don't hesitate – add to cart now!

Carefully Designed with Attention to Detail

Heatou goes the extra mile in warmth, windproofing, and waterproofing, and we've also put thought into its storage solutions.Heatou features thoughtfully designed functional pockets, including multiple zippered compartments, including concealed pockets. 

After conducting extensive market surveys to identify areas for improvement in heated vests, we addressed the issue mentioned by 90% of the respondents – the lack of functional pockets. 

As a solution, we introduced built-in multi-purpose pockets. Now, you can securely store essential items like your pen, glasses, wallet, and more, making it convenient for daily use and travel, all while ensuring safety.

In most cases, many heavy winter garments can't be machine washed. With Heatou vests being machine washable, it's truly a delightful advantage!

Heatou is 100% machine washable. Graphene, advanced carbon nanotube heating elements are seamlessly integrated into the vest and treated for waterproofing, so there's no need to remove them when a thorough cleaning is required. Without built-in electrical components or batteries, Heatou can be machine washed without any damage.

Heatou comes with a standard 2-year warranty. This is our testament to our product's confidence. We love and appreciate our backers, and we aim to provide you with a five-star experience. This is our commitment to you, our Heatou backers.

Heatou Size Chart

This style is unisex. If you have any sizing questions, don't worry. After the project ends, we'll conduct a survey to gather gender and height information to ensure you receive the right size. Both men's and women's versions will have minor adjustments for a better fit, primarily focusing on fine-tuning the details.

Best Companion-Smart Power Bank

As a bonus, the smart power bank is only $15 with free shipping.You can add it to your shopping cart when purchasing any package.


Original Design

Heatou Reported by News Media


Note: This product is for pre-sale and will be shipped simultaneously with kickstarter

Heatou:Revolutionizing Heated Vest with Graphene Technology

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